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Astrology is not about stars far out in space. It is about the solar system inside us and the cosmic energies that flow through us. It is these energies that give us the power to live our lives from the inside out.

Do we live in an interconnected universe, where every part of the whole interplays with every other part and where the whole is implicit in each component? Or is every part of the whole in a state of solitary isolation?

In the holistic model, which the study of quantum physics has verified, there is a powerful connection between mind and matter, between the human brain and nature. In this model the universe is non-local and all of physical reality is an integrated system where anything can potentially influence anything else. When properly understood, astrology offers further evidence of the holistic model.

In the holistic model of the universe, one can gain a sense of the nature of the whole by deeply investigating the essential workings of any of its parts. The best way to understand this is for you to focus on an idea and continue dwelling on it and then watch as related manifestations of the idea emerge in time and space before your very eyes. They can show up in a newspaper, on a television screen you are watching, in an internet article you glance at or in a message someone relays to you in passing. As you concentrate on the concept, the idea continues to manifest increasingly until it pushes aside all other notions from your mind.

In contrast to the holistic model of the universe, I recently read an argument for the opposite point of view put forth in an essay written by a professor of an American university. In the essay, the professor stated that “there was no rational foundation to the “New Age’ belief that what we perceive determines what materializes–if it were,” asserts the professor, “the world would be a very different place. The fact that the world is rarely what we want it to be is the best evidence that we have little to say about it.”

The professor goes on to say that those who adhere to the fantasy that we create our own reality are unwilling to accept what science, reason and their own eyes tell them about the world.

Perhaps the professor fails to consider that life does not show up for us the way we want it to because of what we want.

Furthermore, those who pride themselves on being practical and rational and who insist on processing all information through a filter that is entirely attached to the world of form, as solely revealed through the five physical senses, do not allow themselves access to other ways and means of perceiving reality. The professor, who authored the essay that denies all that quantum physics has revealed, apparently became entrenched in his left brain. Therefore, in reducing and analyzing everything he experiences, for him the truth only exists ‘out there’ according to what his five physical senses report. Then how can he know who he is and what his purpose is for being here on Planet Earth.

To understand what astrology is saying; it is necessary to preclude what it is not saying. Since so many believe that what astrology is not saying is instead what it is saying; it becomes necessary to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

Opponents of astrology persist in arguing that an astrological chart, also known as the horoscope, does not match the actual picture observable in the sky. They go on to refute the astrological system, as it is practiced in the western world, by asserting that there are 13 constellations, rather than 12, and that due to the spinning motion of the Earth, which wobbles like a top in space, the constellations have moved into a different alignment with the Earth. Therefore, their claim is that astrologers are working with a model that is 2000 years old and is no longer a valid picture of what is ‘out there.’

If someone wishes to argue against astrology by referring to what is ‘out there’, talking about the constellations does not fortify their argument because there are no constellations. The stars we see grouped together in clusters are actually far apart from one another and since their light takes thousands of years to reach us, they may have burned out and may no longer exist at all. The aforementioned professor and his perception of the creative living process is based on information such as constellations that do not actually exist, stars that may have long faded into oblivion and material bodies

that at close inspection into their subatomic realities are but products of the means by which the human brain organizes varying vibrations of energy.

If someone wants to refute astrology because the idea that planets cause us to think and feel and act the way we do is nonsense; once again, they are completely missing the point. Astrology does not operate in a cause and effect paradigm; it is a communication system. The material world is not the cause of itself; the material world is the effect of intangible and invisible energies. Every material form is a product rather than the source of the process that brought it into manifestation. Astrology is a method that provides information about how this source operates by showing us what great prophets and teachers have told us before. The truth is in each of us, yet we have often given away this gift to the popular culture in a form that can never do it justice.

The greatest argument against astrology is that it is not scientific. Some astrologers have labeled astrology a science and thus this argument seems justified. Along with the scientific label, the astrologers have modified the term by calling it a spiritual science or a cosmic science. That has not helped the cause of astrology in the minds of those who are seeking scientific proof before they embrace a body of knowledge.

In truth, astrology is not a science. It is filled with inconsistencies and inexactitudes, such as the different ways of demarcating the houses–the twelve sectors that represent arenas of life experience in the horoscope–as well as how the two most widely practiced methods—Tropical and Vedic—yield different results. Then there is Chinese astrology, Arabian astrology and the list goes on because almost every culture on the earth has invented some form of an astrological system.

Since astronomers who measure the physical universe no longer use the stars to specify the location of the celestial bodies in time and space, claiming that the realignment of the constellations and the addition of a 13th constellation invalidates astrology does not hold water. It is not an appropriate argument, as to why astrology remains a meaningful source of information for those who are interested in spiritual development and the attainment of self-realization.

Astrology indicates how different energies exist at different times, just as the energy in spring differs from the energy in autumn and the energy in summer differs from that in winter. Not just the climate, but the energy of the seasons in a temperate region is perceptibly different.

As the Sun, the Moon and the planets are observed moving through different segments of space on their journey through time; these movements can be seen as indicators of the prevailing energies—energies that shift continually yet in a way that is ordered and can be predicted ad infinitum. The signs are not the stars; they are segments of space representing fields of various energies and thus make different manifestations possible. They are the same energies that make each day, week, month and year different from any other of its kind.

Astrology is not a science; it is a language. It is communicating about energies that we cannot see, as these energies are invisible and intangible. Except for the Sun that shines upon us; the western system of astrology, no longer involves the stars. It did thousands of years ago before the human race had access to physics and mathematics; however our knowledge of the physical universe has grown. In the light of modern science, the ancient astrologers used a very primitive means of measuring the motions and rhythms of the solar system.

Astrology is a symbol system. It is not something to believe in, the way one places faith in a religious doctrine. It is a source of information that has been sustained by untold numbers of human beings over a period of thousands of years. When studied, learned and put into practice, it shows us the tools each of us has been gifted with to live a meaningful life, fulfilling a purpose that has ultimate value in our heart and in our mind. It augments our potential by adding on to the predispositions of our genetic inheritance and enables us to transform ourselves into unique individuals; each with a significant contribution to make that can support the Earth and all who live upon it to have a better life. It is a path toward attaining a deep sense of satisfaction, living a life where we are at peace with the choices that we make.

The incessant flow of mostly trivial information that bombards the mass mind today tends to narrow down the mind of the masses and render it shallow. The deadening of the right hemisphere of the brain creates a ‘seeing is believing’ mentality, which further limits human potential. Individuals continue to want something external to validate their self- worth because their self-esteem rests on shaky ground rather than through a connection to higher forces, a realm only the right side of the brain can independently access.

The self-acceptance and the self-love that grows from a willingness to move forward and embrace one’s soul’s chosen destiny, as communicated by the patterned arrangement of the horoscope, can then be reflected back to us from a world that, in turn, appears as an increasingly benevolent one and that welcomes our participation in this grand experiment we call life.

Paul Six is truly the International Astrologer. Since he began his studies in 1974 and his practice in 1981, he has travelled to the four corners of the globe, bringing the wisdom of astrology to thousands of individuals in 17 countries.

Paul developed extra-sensory perception including telepathic abilities and was able to register and interpret subtle energies and information as a result of a serious bout with subdural hematoma in 1969. Seven years later, he began to offer spiritual counsel. He continued to study astrology and other spiritual subjects and they provided him with the objective content he needed to give accurate readings. Paul’s aim has always been to simplify astrology and make it more accessible to as many people as possible. With a colleague, he created the Identity Development method in 1981. The basis of this technique is a wheel with twelve sectors of color, each one representing one of the 12 signs. Paul has written a manual to accompany this method and has refined it over a thirty year period to make astrology as user-friendly as it has ever been.