A Tribute to Mars and Venus

MARS – Making Things Happen (Actions)

If I want to get a job done, I call upon Mars
If I want a game to be won, I call for Mars
If I want to earn an accolade
I call Mars and I’ve got it made

My Mars helps me summon the power needed to gain what I want as I move toward a desired goal. I work with the qualities of my Mars to project my desires into the environment. In its primal stage of expression, the energy of Mars propels me forward to obtain results and to defeat anyone who would stand in the way of my getting them. Once I choose to stop seeing life as a competition, however, I can use Mars as a means of celebrating the joy of being alive, and come out a winner regardless of what anyone else has to say.

VENUS – Attracting and Treasuring the Best

Love is the answer to all of our prayers
Love is the reason that anyone cares
Love is the pleasure that takes away pain
Love is the power that makes the world sane

Venus represents the goddess of love-enticing and charismatic. I use the energy of Venus to enjoy the material goodness of life and to please others as I engage in social activities. My Venus tells me what appeals to me, as well as what is appealing about me. The more I share the gifts of Venus, the more attractive my reflection becomes to reward me with the happy pleasures of life. Venus adds refinement, affection and appreciation of all that is beautiful; enhancing relationship, encouraging artistry and providing for quality living. Venus teaches me that the lovelier I make something in my mind and in my heart, the lovelier it will become in my eyes.

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