The Great Love

Thursday, May 19, 2005

We Came Here As Teachers of Love and Got Enrolled in the School of Fear
Second Edition 

By Paul Six and Norman Hawker
The Great Love, is the outcome of a twenty-four year process that has touched thousands of people around the world.

In 1981, my colleague Norman Hawker and I created a seminar that we entitled Identity Development, an accessible approach to astrology. We stripped the very complex body of knowledge down to the bare bones and focused on its underlying structure. Then we presented it in a new form, dressed in modern clothes and communicated in ordinary language. Over the next two decades, Identity Development and the private consultations that I gave in association with it reached over 15,000 people in twelve countries.

In 1984, in an effort to bring the astrological concepts even further down to earth and make them come alive, we created Bud and His Friends, twelve adorable children who each embodied one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Ten years later, I published a book featuring these characters and produced a video that brought the book to life.

The Great Love is a fable in which we reintroduce Bud and his friends as young adults who meet a spiritual teacher aptly named Master Wiseheart. Each one of the twelve brings a specific issue to the wise man. The Master helps his students free up their minds and experience the beauty of the love in their hearts. They absorb the wisdom of his words and they discover startling abilities they did not know they had.

The students had previously thought that what they perceived with their physical senses was the final truth. By immersing themselves in the physical dimension they had forgotten that the most important things in life are intangible. It had never occurred to them that what they considered to be real was actually a mass-produced belief system that was imposed upon them. In adopting this conventional worldview, they had been ignoring their own truth.

Prior to meeting with Master Wiseheart, the students believed they were powerless to affect how their lives unfolded. Through the teachings of the Master they learn to see that every challenge they face is an opportunity to initiate a change for the better. The students learn how to go with the truth in the moment instead of relying solely upon what they learned in the past. They begin to see that their experience of the world is easier to change than they thought.

This book hopes to light a path for a peaceful future. It conveys a message of hope that regardless of what happens in the years to come, human beings can choose to meet it with different eyes and ears.

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