Notes from a world-traveler

One question I get asked a lot is, “Of all the places you have visited, which ones are your favourites?” Of course, there are many. Here is a list of some that come immediately to mind.

Scotland: I feel at home there. Sometimes events gets all stirred up and feisty tempers boil over but that is all part of the fun of hanging out with the clans. It’s a colourful country with some of the most magical places on Earth-the highland villages, the islands of Iona and Staffa, Findhorn, and the great city of Edinburgh.

Hawaii: One cannot exaggerate its beauty nor breathe air so clean. The climate is usually perfect, as long as the trade winds come in from the sea and the spirit of aloha that emanates from the locals comes straight from the heart.

Santa Fe: It is the oldest capital in North America; it has its own look and its own style, which is one reason it calls itself, “The City Different.” In the high and dry mountain air the intense light inspires the many artists that live there while the healers and astrologers like this place because the veils are thinner. New Mexico is called ‘The Land of Enchantment’ and the core of that enchantment is right here in Santa Fe.

Bali: Though it can sometimes feel like being in a steam-bath, until you switch on the air-con, this island is so special in so many ways that it transcends any sources of irritation. The Balinese people have much to teach about living graciously and the beauty spots of their world are beyond comparison to anyplace else. Bali is an amazing experience in instant manifestation where you can prove to yourself that thoughts are indeed things.

Japan: No other place comes even close to being like Japan. No outsiders went there until the middle of the Nineteenth Century and the Japanese developed a homogenous society so tightly knit together that the population can communicate to one another without words. Kyoto is the jewel in the crown with its treasures hidden beyond walls–walls that contained the former imperial capital for one thousand years. If you go, go in April when the cherry blossoms bloom–start in the South early in the month and work your way up to the top via some of the fastest trains in the world.

California: Probably no food exists that cannot be grown here so even if the economy plummets, there are fertile, elevated regions away from the coast where future communities can spring up and flourish. Meanwhile there is still a fabulous offering of places: LA and Hollywood, the Desert Communities, Santa Barbara, the Monterrey Peninsula, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Wine Country of the Napa Valley. This state may have known better days yet it is still a wonder that apparently refuses to accept limits even in the most of challenging of times.

Norway: Most folks stay away unless they are on a cruise through the magnificent fjords because it is cold here more than it is anything else and it is incredibly expensive with one of the highest standards of living on the planet. The government believes it exists to serve the people, although the people may not always think they are being served. Norwegians pay high taxes yet it is a small price to pay. They are blessed to be born in this haven. The population consists of many very attractive and intelligent yet modest people who are happy to speak English and who speak it fluently. These Nordic folk dwell within a safe and sound society and are both authentic and idealistic in just the right proportion. It is not easy to get to know them as they protect themselves from superficial relationships, yet once you break the ice, you realize how worthwhile it was to have made the effort. I am always glad to be in Norway.

There are many other wonderful places I always enjoy visiting–Vancouver, BC and much of Western Canada, Alaska, Australia, Tuscany in Italy, the beaches of Thailand, St. John in the Virgin Islands, Mallorca, Spain and the Algarve in Southern Portugal.

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