The Fifth and the Eleventh House

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make … The Beatles

After your consciousness has become familiar with the basic elements of material existence, through the processes represented by the first four houses of the astrological chart: 1) having a body and a point of view 2) gaining material stability 3) learning what we need to know to survive 4) developing a conditioned personality through home and family life – you are then prepared to experience the fifth house and express who you are.

In house five, your personality, calls attention to the qualities within you that convey a special character that is unlike anyone else in the world. Taking pride in your talents, you seek out the ways and means of amplifying your self-esteem.

When your consciousness enters the Fifth House, you want all eyes to be on you, as you bathe in the glow of an admiring audience. Of course, the audience admires you because you are radiating heart energy and giving freely of the love that emanates from your heart center. In house five though, you are not so aware of the people watching you, that does not occur until you move into the Seventh House. Instead, you are self-aware. In that space of consciousness, your interest is in your performance and just how bright you can shine. Every soul has to go through the fifth house experience, for you can not transcend personal ego until you first have an ego to transcend.

In the Eleventh House, the complementary opposite to the Fifth, you are amazingly aware of the other people in your space. In fact you take them into consideration as much as you do yourself. What matters to you in this space of consciousness is being part of something greater-a group, a team, a circle of friends, a network where the aim is to achieve equal footing with peers. You come to realize through the Eleventh House department of experience that being a part of the group as a whole and contributing toward its collective success brings you happiness and a sense of personal significance just as much or more, as when you are standing on center stage and showing off your special gifts.

In The Eleventh House, you learn that the real power to make changes in the world comes out of a group effort – a group composed of a diversified company of individuals who have bonded together through the sharing of a common aim. Individuals in the group may have a divergence of opinions, yet at least one issue has landed them all on the same page.

There is more than safety in numbers; there is substance. An idea that one single person transmits (through house five experiences) gains weight and power and captures the minds of an assemblage (through The Eleventh House) who then adopt the notion and make it their own.

Of course, a group is expressing a kind of egotism too, as each member beats its own drum while keeping pace with a collective drumbeat. Only because it is a shared experience, it appears to be more altruistic. What is actually occurring is that the group’s ego is making a difference that the individuals involved were not able to accomplish on their own. The downside is that as the group members forfeit some of their personal preferences in exchange for accessing collective force. Individuality is sacrificed perhaps to a greater extent than is healthy. It may work out fine when this occurs in order to bring about social progress in one particular area. It is far less wholesome for any person to continue embracing a group identity while abandoning personal standards.

As with all the houses, the experiences available through the Fifth and the Eleventh are meant to be kept in balance, so that the amount of love given (house five) is kept on an even keel with the amount of love received (house eleven.)

A repolarisation is taking place on Planet Earth. The Eastern Hemisphere is destined to follow in the footsteps of the Western world and focus more on the development of personal identity, while the West is destined to usher in a cycle of existence, where the greater good is placed above personal considerations. This, in turn, will help to maintain the equilibrium of our global society. New forms of creativity emerging in the East and new humanitarian concepts originating from the West can demonstrate in unprecedented ways that people can get along with one another. The Fifth and the Eleventh houses in unison have the potential to clearly demonstrate that developing confidence in yourself (house five) enables you to open up to a life rich in human contact (house eleven) and gives rise to a wealth of experience and a subsequent growth in consciousness. In this way, the human race becomes more aware of both their personal as well as their collective identity.

Once the general population reaches a consensus and transforms an approach to life where money, power and egotism have been the ultimate values, war will no longer be profitable, peace will no longer be considered boring and harmony among all nations will at last become a definite possibility. Then it will become much clearer that Spirit is the driving force of life and that the Self is both the foundation and the zenith of creation.

Paul Six November 8, 2009 At Desa Seni – an eco village resort in Canggu, Bali

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