JUPITER – Creating New Possibilities

If Jupiter were a person, that person might be a benevolent rich uncle or your guardian angel or Lady Luck herself. If Saturn were a person, that person might be a stern taskmaster insisting on solid proof that you know what you are doing, or a banker demanding you make good on the money he loaned you, or the devil incarnate who sends you out on your own and shows you no pity, so that you can acquire the strength to master your life. Together, these cosmic principles forge the maturation process in each one of us and prepare us to embrace the freedom promised by the outer planets–Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

JUPITER – Creating New Possibilities

Jupiter is bounteous-he’s rich and he’s fat
The one to believe in when you’re up at bat
He’s not only abundant; he’s a real lucky bloke
He knows that scarcity is just a cosmic joke

My Jupiter indicates the advantage that has been given to me that allows me to move through certain situations with ease. It is the planetary energy that promotes enthusiasm, promises increase and puts all the odds in my favor-if I am willing to take that extra leap of faith.

Jupiter can bring honor to anything that is touched by its grace. Through its benevolent energy, life becomes more auspicious. When opportunity knocks and I open the door to the possibility of abundant good fortune, I may attribute my blessings to luck. Luck, however, is the outcome of my decision to open up in the first place, as Lady Luck bestows her favors on those who are receptive.

The pitfall is promising more than can be delivered, because Jupiter’s promise is total. Like the wild card, Jupiter swears that I am sure to win no matter what. Over-inflation and a refusal to call things to a halt can land me in a place worse than before I started working with this expansive energy.

Once limits have been set, the awareness I develop through Jupiter’s vibrations can make life seem more meaningful. It can contribute to the realization that I have a place in the greater scheme of things. As I resonate to this vibration, I experience the universe moving through me and propelling me forward onto joyous pathways of social and spiritual fulfillment.

SATURN – Mastering My Life

The planet of fear is really a dear
A sheep in wolf’s clothing promising a career
Cracking a whip and whipping us into shape
Our cross to bear becomes a piece of cake

The ringed planet is a symbol of the power that separates the individual from the crowd and offers the assurance of autonomy if self-discipline is exercised and excellence is achieved. The Saturn principle is a great teacher from whom I learn to regulate my energies in constructive ways and establish a public identity that is recognized and accepted in the world.

The principle of Saturn is antithetical to the principle of the Sun. The Sun is a symbol of unlimited life force. The radiations that my solar force is capable of emitting would be invasive to others if I did not establish suitable boundaries. Saturn represents the limits I must place on the solar force at my command. Initially, I may respond to these limitations in a fearful way, until I step into maturity and see the reason that I have Saturn in my life.

The collective use of the Saturn principle determines the laws that unite a society. These laws demand I accomplish something I have never done before and insist that I succeed in spite of my inexperience. Saturn represents the climb I undertake to reach the zenith of what I am capable of attaining, a climb that seems long and hard. The principle of Saturn is associated with the tests in my life that never seem to stop and the ordeals I must brave again and again to make sure I am tough enough to stick to my commitment. I learn to exercise caution in making these commitments, for once I start something in earnest, I must finish it if I want to be successful.

Exposing the imperfections that are limiting my advancement, the laws of Saturn instruct me on how to get organized and follow through with all that I have set into motion. Saturn symbolizes what I must do in making my way through this world being true to who I am. As I begin healing the flaws in my character, I surmount any fears I have that I could possibly fail. In going through this process, I begin to realize the purpose of the Saturn principle and why it has been necessary to submit to the tests that seem to have been laid out for me.

Saturn represents justice. As I sow through the force of crystallization, whatever I add to life is returned to me through the law of conservation. On Saturn’s testing ground, I am either assigned a hard job or given a hard time. This is how I build into my character enough strength and security to overcome my fears. I am then ready to move on and embrace levels of consciousness that open me up to the wonderful wisdom of the universe.

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