Is that a world I see out there, or is that simply more of me?

I recall a conversation I had with a well-known astrologer years ago who claimed that he was often omitted from the guest lists of social events in his community. When I asked him why, his response was, “I see.” His answer struck me, first of all because he was asserting a superiority that he believed he held over others and secondly because he also believed that he could project onto the world anything other than himself.

Granted, competent astrologers do have an uncommon understanding of how others are psychologically constituted. Equipped with an objective frame of reference for interpreting human behavior, such as astrology, one can gain a substantial sense of where individuals are coming from through this knowledge. The objective frame of reference that the astrological lens supplies offers astrologers the potential to get out of their way by removing any subjective preconceptions. It is then possible to witness the energies of a birth chart coming alive through the externalization of an individual’s self-force.

By applying a thorough knowledge of the nature of the chart’s energies and relating it to one’s perception of another person’s actions, a non-biased understanding of what that person is doing and what motivates them to do it is possible.

Of course, astrologers are not astrologers all the time. They have personal histories and likes and dislikes they have acquired along the way. They may be able to go to a neutral space of consciousness while they are at work; however, they are not going to stay in neutral every moment of every day. Their personal history will emerge with all of the prejudicial opinions they have collected along the way and they will no longer see others as microcosmic systems of energy. Instead, they will see a reflection of their own chosen karmic path. Their reaction to what is being mirrored back to them will show them how near or far they are from the gateway to their own private heaven.

What a great opportunity it is to be here on the Earth and to be enriched by the stories we watch on the screen of our reality. How enlightening it is to know that those stories are playing out to contribute to our own advancement. How connected it is possible to feel to the entire universe, once it becomes clear that every soul that shows up in the mirror that each of us perceives as the world-at-large is contributing to our further education

There was a school of philosophy called solipsism, which presented the concept that we cannot be certain of the existence of anything apart from what exists in our mind. Recently, when I was in Australia and a guest for lunch at a friend’s house, I listened as the partner of my host explained to me her philosophy, which went even further, I believe, than that. Her claim was that nothing was real, nothing had any meaning and nothing mattered. Life was all a great, big mistake.

Was she discussing life in general, or was she talking about her relationship to her own life?

I believe I am always in error when I make sweeping generalizations. The universe I have come to realize is one where there are ‘different strokes for different folks’ and where ‘one person’s food is another person’s poison.’ Two people can be sitting adjacent to one another observing the same event, yet perceiving it in totally different ways. For what they are really seeing is another layer of their multi-dimensional self that can extend as far and as deep as one dares to go. It can go as far as an encounter with a being from another world that may appear in the image of an ET creature, but is, in actuality, oneself–in a future time on a higher plane in a larger context.

The answers I receive from life are going to be based on the questions I ask. There were times when I did not even know that I was asking a particular question. Later, as the answer came, I realized that it was another step to a destiny I am impelled to reach in my lifetime and toward a realization about my life journey that holds great value for me.

My response to the lady in Australia was that human beings, equipped with an ‘earth suit’ that by and large gives each of us common ground in observing and interpreting physical reality, have agreed to go through the experience we call life. That alone gives this experience meaning. Billions of souls have focused everything they are and could be on an experience that gives them the freedom to explore their consciousness while setting limits on that freedom until they can perfect their ability to manage the powerful universal forces that are alive within them. How could anyone say life on Earth has no meaning? The opportunity to transform cosmic power into practical action that yields lasting, tangible results certainly seems meaningful to me–as the looking glass of life functions to provide us with the unique opportunity to see ourselves clearly, free of preconceived assumptions and all personal desires.

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