PLUTO – The Planetary Symbol of Renewal

(Passion, Exposure, Transformation, Evolution)

With Pluto I enter the depths of my psyche
Exploring the fear that my ego will end
By facing my shadow I let it transform me
And that’s when I find out that Pluto’s my friend

Just as an earthquake or a volcano permanently alters the face and form of the land, the major transformations we undergo demonstrate that there is no returning to the way it was before; the change is irrevocable. Once something has lived out its time, there is nothing that can be done except to let go and release all former attachments.

If I make the choice to let go, I can use the force of Pluto to extract the energy that has been locked-up and transform it, supplying it with a new function and a new value in an ever-changing world.

Pluto represents the cosmic kiss of death. Death in Pluto’s realm does not necessarily mean the end of life–it can merely mean the severing of a false identity. Through the principle Pluto represents, those who selfishly seek personal power and glory are brought to their knees and become non-entities. If individuals undergoing such a metamorphosis are empowered by the strength of their will, they can survive the ordeal and rekindle their lives from the ashes of their shattered reality. Making a connection to an invisible source of power beyond the world of appearances, they can experience a rebirth and fulfill a new role that carries cosmic responsibility.

Pluto is an extremely intensified version of the Mars principle. We use the force of Pluto, however, to deal with the enemy within us, rather than defend ourselves from the perceived enemy outside (which we are inclined to do when working with the force of Mars.)

As we absorb the truth Pluto represents, we can reach the understanding that the external world is but a projection reflecting back to us the very qualities we are attempting to conceal in ourselves. We can cease pointing the blame at others and confront our own self-loathing; using the transformational energy of Pluto to alter patterns of self-destructive behavior. In this way, we experience a rebirth and move ahead with a profound sense of purpose in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Pluto’s tiny presence is barely noticed; it is small enough to have motivated some astronomers to demote it to the rank of a mere asteroid or dwarf planet. Pluto, however, has an astral reality far greater than its physical dimensions for it represents the force that can recreate life, a power that is truly divine.

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