Paul Six made countless friends, and touched countless lives around the world. Read some of the wonderful stories sent in, as we remember Paul. If you would like to share your own story, please email it to and it will be published here.

Happy In The Stars

Ooooh love Paul Six so much! He is now happy in the stars!

In 2004 I asked the Universe for a new way to interpret Astrology. I was in Singapore at a healing Center and there he was with bright blue eyes! I was immediately drawn to speak with him. Of course it didn’t take long to find out he was an Astrologer!

So I invited Paul to Evolve Spa in Phuket Thailand. This was not long before the Tsunami and I had closed my healing Center down in Phuket and moved it to Evolve with Dorinda Rose Berry.

We had a great turnout at the workshop and Paul was brilliant! He connected with Dorinda who also kept in touch and I continued travelling until the next time I saw Paul and invited him to Jasper Alberta in 2009.

Paul sent me his word document manual on astrology and I hope someone made this into a book!! If so let me know and I’ll order a few to give away as gifts.

Paul is a gentle spirit (and I have also seen his shadow! Love him!) who had a deep passion for astrology and the vastness of life in general. He appreciated the good things in life and his moon in Taurus (I recall) was a topic he’d share in how he loved to indulge in sensations of food and the good life. He no doubt had gratitude!

I still to this day use his polarities of the signs in helping myself and others see our true potentials within. Paul will be missed! Love you Paul! Come visit me in my dream state!

Thank you!

June 15, 2020

Remembering Paul

I will miss Paul and his unrealized answers to my future questions about the meaning of it all.

Paul’s certainty, like any good sales person who really knows his product, is what he was really good at. We all have our version of the world that we feel right about, but Paul, could get underneath our worldview and sell it back to us. He did this by revealing some part of us that we weren’t aware of, or only suspected, and selling it back to us. So we were buying a better version of ourselves from him.

A reading I got from Paul was one of the reasons I got married to my wife, who is Russian and very different from me but very complementary to me emotionally. He said, don’t screw up your marriage, because you won’t get another chance like this again or won’t find anyone else. In six months, my wife and I will have been married 20 years.

I met Paul when Geri Metz and I attended an astrology workshop he and Norman Hawker gave in Santa Barbara in 1983. Geri and I were working for Harry Kislevitz, founder of Colorforms Toys, at the time. (read the history) Paul and Norman were Harry’s “court astrologers” and joined us in an 8,000-square-foot mansion that Harry was renting. We were the only ones living there at the time, so we had a lot of fun in this big house.

James Chandler
San Jose CA
November 12, 2012

How Paul Changed My Life

A bit of inspiration for those who believe in “serendipity”:

Last year during my travels to Bali all by myself during a time of inner transition, I randomly met an amazing person who at this stage I never thought would have such an impact on my life: Paul Six. An astrologer.

I had always a bit of an interest for these things but never really believed in it. Until, whilst sipping on an organic raw smoothie (the best I ever had in my life) in a place called “Earth Cafe” I randomly met this very Paul Six who sat at the table next to me. He started chatting to me and asked if I wanted my chart to be read and interpreted. I was very skeptical and thought, he would probably just “guess” and all his answers would be a one-fits-all answer to every person`s identity.

However, the things he saw and knew about me, no one, except a very few people throughout my life ever knew and whilst my eyes were filled with tears, I immediately began to listen carefully and soaked up every word of advise he gave me. At this point in time, and already after a disappointing chat with Ketut Liyer (Eat Pray Love- the dude without teeth in the film with Julia Roberts….YES. I met him!), I was hoping he would answer all the questions in my head. And boy, he did!

In August, Paul Six, over 70 years old, passed away of cancer. He was one of the reasons, why I changed my life around last year and since then one leap of faith and “serendipity” after another had changed my life radically. I met the Love of my life for which I`m eternally grateful for. Overcame illnesses, I thought I would never overcome. And achieved 74% average in my 3rd year of study despite all the obstacles.

2011 was one of the toughest years of my life. And yet one of the most valuable and important ones where lessons for life were learnt.

If it weren´t for this random encounter in Bali and Paul´s brutal honesty and faith in my entire being, I would not be the person I am today. Not have met the people who are in my life today. And would not understand what “happiness” is really all about.

When I asked Paul: “Paul, where do I belong?” He answered: “Well…London is very Aries. So is New York. But there is another place I can see for you. A place untouched. A place where you can start afresh and build something from scratch. Because you`re good at it. – He stares at my chart and says: “I can see you in a place like “Esperance in Australia”. Esperance is French, for “Hope”.

Well…guess where my next holiday will be 😉


Barbara A.
October 19, 2012

Our Dear Paul Six

Fellow Travelers,

I join you all in expressing my love and gratitude for Paul’s presence in my life. The wisdom, guidance and clarity he shared is priceless. Long may it continue to flow and resonate…

Paul entered my life in 2003, in Bali, close to the time I was due to leave the island and transition to new beginnings elsewhere. I immediately felt a deep connection with him and, like many before me and since, was pleasantly stunned by his ability to shine light where it was most needed. His mind was open enough to help me discuss and de-fuse fears which were holding me back from myself, getting in my way. I was one of his very last readings of that particular trip to Bali, right before heading to the airport, but I felt like I’d made a friend for life. Which, it turns out, I had.

So impressed with his work, I further consulted Paul electronically that year, in the midst of some difficulties, and he was very generous with his advice and information: the concept of Saturn Return was very informative! Then, a few months later still, Paul passed through the UK, where I was at the time, and stayed with me a few days. During this time we bonded much more deeply and I felt for the first time in my life the sense of having a mentor, guide or benevolent uncle with me, ready to compassionately hold up a mirror to me and all my stuff. When presented with the options I’d given myself for the immediate future, Paul directed me to Victoria on Vancouver Island, where he also happened to be heading.

I have since lived mostly in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, since that time and have enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of Paul’s annual visits through this area. Whether he stayed with me or in his own digs, time spent with Paul was always so very revelatory and clarifying. Sometimes we worked together to get Paul’s offerings out there; other times he would come and simply rest and relax. I enjoyed both, loving how he would plan according to what the astrological “weather” was telling him. I already miss these visits sorely.

It is deeply comforting to know that Paul transitioned in such a peaceful, loving, beautiful and abundant place, with caring friends by his side. During our last meetings he often expressed the need to stop traveling and station himself somewhere more permanently. It was becoming clear that Paul’s current body-vehicle was wearing out, yet if he knew to what extent, Paul still played it down.

I strongly resonate with the idea that Paul followed his inner voice resolutely, without doubt or reserve, regardless of any inconvenience that may cause. This is truly inspirational and a fine example to us all. As a yoga teacher by trade, it was clear for me to see that Paul was a True Yogi in his unique way. Living in Love, moving past our Fears, is surely a message that Paul Six brought to us and I thank him enormously for it.

Below is a link to a short video of Paul’s workshop offering in Vancouver in March 2011. Please enjoy and share as you wish.

Very Best Wishes to One and All,


Geoff Mackenzie
Babylon Yoga Shala, Vancouver
September 21, 2012

Paul in the 70’s

I met Paul Six in the city of Boston in the summer of 1971. Not too long after meeting Paul, he changes his name to Paul Six and quit his job as a successful department store buyer to pursue the study of no one knew what–I don’t think he knew either. Paul lived off of his savings and odd jobs. As he was trying to make sense of himself and the world, he was abandoned by his friends and family. Life was not easy for him. Everyone thought he was nuts. I was one of the few who continued to call him my friend.

In 1973, I moved to Stockbridge, Mass. in the Berkshire Hills. On a visit to my home in 1974, Paul told me about his studies and what he was learning. I asked a lot of very pointed questions and he answered them all very well. I saw some useful potential for what he was doing, and I asked if he would participate in some experiments so I could test the validity of his work. He agreed.

I gave Paul a number of birthdates of people I worked with, from secretaries to CEOs, and asked him to describe each. He did it! Extremely well. I was amazed and immediately thought that this work could be used by corporate America to hire top level executives. In 1976, Paul felt confident enough to work with me on trying to get corporate business. I introduced him to senior executives at companies like Trans World Airlines and Kimberly Clark Corporation. He actually did work and got paid from some of these contacts and the work was very good. If he had continued along this path, Paul could have become rich off of this line of work. Picking the wrong CEO can cost a company hundreds of millions or even the whole company. Preventing such catastrophes could be very financially rewarding. However, this is not what Paul wanted to do with his talent.

Paul seemed more content to give his gifts to the world. In exchange, the world always seemed to care for him, and he led an amazing life. The loss of this truly extraordinary man will be mourned on several continents. For how many of us will that be said? God bless you Paul. It was an honor to know you…

Raymond Francis
August 29, 2012

The Early Years of Paul’s Career

It was the fall of 1980 in San Francisco. My friend Bob knew of my interest in astrology and said, “I’d like you to meet a friend of mine who’s an astrologer.” That certainly piqued my interest, since I had been studying astrology for ten years. Turns out the astrologer was Bob’s “extended house guest” as he called him. And so, one November evening, I went to Bob’s house for dinner.

“Norman Hawker, meet Paul Six,” Bob said, somewhat ceremoniously. The man reaching out his hand was someone I would not normally be drawn to. Getting past his somewhat unkempt appearance and ill-fitting clothes, I noticed his eyes bore a depth and intensity the likes of which I had never before seen. It was almost frightening.

After dinner, Paul looked up my birth date in a tattered ephemeris that no doubt never left his side. Scribbling my chart on the back of an envelope, Paul was ready in less than five minutes to give me the reading of my life. It was like the frog that sings! He spoke with such intensity from such a depth of knowledge and yet with a great deal of humor. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. It was an unforgettable experience.

Afterwards, he said he had taken a temporary job on Saturday demolishing someone’s kitchen so that it could be remodeled. He asked if I wanted to join him. No! I instantly thought to myself. I mean, there I was, being asked to help a homeless, jobless person do onerous physical work for half of a low hourly wage.

And yet, and yet… this man had something I wanted. I wanted his knowledge, his certainty. And so, against all reason, I said, “Yes, I’ll work with you on Saturday.”

It was on old Victorian flat. The walls were real plaster, slathered onto horizontal slats that resembled wooden yardsticks. The cabinets went most of the way up the ten-foot ceilings. The countertop was pre-Formica, the sink stained porcelain. Everything was to be removed. We were given a crowbar and a sledge hammer, and left to our own devices. “Oh my god, this is a big job,” I thought.

With only one of each tool, and with Paul looking entirely out of his element here on the physical plane, it fell to me to begin prying the cabinets from the wall. The anger I felt about putting myself in this situation actually propelled me to accomplish the complete destruction of the room. Paul mostly watched.

In the afternoon, when we were finally done, Paul asked if I wanted to get together a few days later to talk about astrology. I did. We did. And we continued doing so on a daily basis for the next three years. Paul moved in with me almost immediately—which, logistically, was not a big deal, since his entire life fits into one suitcase. Emotionally, for me, it was a big deal.


In our many, many discussions, Paul disseminated his vast storehouse of astrological knowledge and together we began to identify the underlying structure and find ways to present the information in an easily graspable form. We assigned a color to each sign of the Zodiac. Not just any color, and not the colors traditionally assigned, but colors that really made sense on the deepest level of the meaning of each sign. We also created new names for the signs, and the planets. Essentially, we re-created the entire astrological system.

“We’re going to have a weekend seminar, and it’s going to be on June 13,” Paul declared in the first of many edicts that proved to be the signature of his fiat leadership style. This was early April 1981.

For eight years I had been a full-time employee of the Bell System, first at Ohio Bell and then transferring to Pacific Bell. I had been working with an HR representative to get into a management position. However, with what I was creating with Paul, I really felt that there was nothing on earth more important that I could be doing than to bring a modernized astrology to the world. So I decided to quit my job so that I could give my full energies to preparing for this June seminar.

And so for six weeks, Paul and I were holed up in a brown study, thinking, living, breathing our new astrology. We invented a spinning colorwheel representing the signs, and moving pieces representing the planets. We wrote an 80-page workbook and I made twelve colorful full-page illustrations of the signs, and created new symbols for the planets. This was in the days of the IBM Selectric typewriter (before computers), and color Xeroxing was in its infancy and very expensive.

I think it was about 21 people who met in a conference room in the Federal Building in San Francisco for our very first Me First! workshop. Paul spoke all day long, delivering the material in the book and embellishing with many stories and anecdotes. The second day we met at the Wickett Mansion in Pacific Heights, a veritable museum of artifacts from all over the world. Paul gave each participant an individual reading, as I placed the magnetic pieces on the big colorwheel. We had a catered lunch on the rooftop terrace.

With the first success under our belt, we planned the next workshop, and the next. One of our seminars was in the home of a well-known philanthropist who later became an ambassador. I remember looking down over the living room from upstairs, the participants’ individual colorwheels set up in front of them, and feeling that I had really done something, that I was making a difference in the world.

Paul got the idea that we could attract more and better clients if we moved to a beautiful house in Sausalito and gave our workshops there. So we rented a brand new three-story home in a hillside development of 8 houses with a commanding view of Richardson Bay. Our house was 365 steps up from the parking lot, and there was a tram, a sort of glass elevator ascending at a 45-degree angle, with each house having a separate stop. We hired a decorator to furnish the place, and she saw it as an opportunity to showcase her work, so she filled it with paintings and sculptures on loan from her art gallery.

We scheduled an introductory evening on Halloween, with the theme Saintly or Satanic, our name for Scorpio. We hired someone to work the tram. He came dressed as Death—scythe and all—and indeed, the tram died that night, meaning all our guests had to climb 365 steps in the pouring rain. Everyone came dressed as someone else to hear about a weekend workshop where they would learn about themselves. Ironic. Just six people showed up for what was to be our last Me First! Workshop.

Out of the blue, Paul announced that he just couldn’t do this anymore. The readings were very taxing, and he was going to rest for a while. The irony stepped up a notch: although we were in the most gorgeous house I have ever lived in, we had no one ever visit us and we had no money coming in. None at all.

We stopped paying rent on the grounds that the tram wasn’t working. Up and down those steps we went with groceries and garbage for three months in the rainy season. It reached the point where we had to sell everything we had just to buy groceries. Eventually we had to leave the beautiful house and moved to a dumpy apartment in a massive complex in the southwest corner of the city, across from Lake Merced Gun Club. One could almost never escape the terrifying sound of rifles being fired. So I went from the best place I had ever lived to the worst.

We wrote another book together called Identity Development and created a second workshop and started up again. We created other designs and products and developed other ideas as well. I felt a little better about my life with this second round of creativity going on. However, after a few more workshops in Northern California and a three-month stint in Santa Barbara, I decided not to go further down the road with Paul. That was late 1983.

For the next 29 years, Paul traveled the world, giving workshops and private readings and reaching thousands of people. Paul came back into my life in 2005 and again in 2006, and we wrote and published our little book, The Great Love. It’s a fable in which twelve young people each bring a problem they’re dealing with to a sage named Master Wiseheart. As Joan so kindly said, the essence of Paul’s wisdom is simply and clearly shared in this book. Everything that Master Wiseheart says is pure Paul.

I hope you don’t mind that I shared some of the more human aspects of Paul. He was truly larger than life, and sometimes that didn’t fit very well into a small apartment! But I can honestly say that I’ve never known anyone who so fearlessly listened to his inner voice and followed its instruction as if there were no other choice. And that voice called him to ignore material things and to focus on being of service to others.


Norman Hawker
August 28, 2012

Meeting Paul

I am sad I will not see Paul physically any longer. I know his spirit is free. He was always free. I met Paul last November in Palm Springs CA. It was at Rick’s restaurant. Our eyes connected, he said “Scorpio”, I said “Double” then we laughed and exchanged email, after a wonderful conversation. Paul had the purest blue eyes I had ever seen. It was the light that shinned thru.

I then had my chart done. It was the best reading I had ever had. I get my chart done every year, since 1981. His words so eloquent. I hope to see or feel his spirit. I’m glad for people like ALL of you, who spent his last days caring for him. Blessings to you all. Even though I had met Paul only last year, we knew we had met before.

Dahlia Arend
August 27, 2012

happenstance meeting

I was in the San Francisco airport, hoping to catch an earlier flight home to Denver. This was in 1995 when it was oh-so-much-easier to do things like that spontaneously. They called my name for a seat, and soon after getting settled a man sat next to me. He was also a stand-by passenger on the way to Denver; neither of us had planned to be on that particular flight.

After a few minutes, this man turned to me and introduced himself. His name was Paul Six. I was in a huge state of transition in my life, and Paul was clearly tuned into it. He explained a little about himself and started asking me questions. He “knew” about my new relationship, my new job, and my daughter (also undergoing major transitions, personally and astrologically) without my having uttered a word. He even pulled open his huge astrological encyclopedia, opened it directly to a specific page and pointed to the very line of my birthday, year, time…. Then he did the same for the man I was newly dating, and my daughter. I felt at the time I should be astounded, but somehow it just seemed like the most natural thing in the world that he could do that.

Paul shared some wonderful wisdom and thoughts with me during that flight. He also referred a friend of his in Denver – Bonnie Andrikopoulos – who I did contact, and through whom I also received some extremely useful, empowering and even life-changing information. I have had no luck finding contact information for Bonnie over the years since, but I know if I needed it, the information would appear. When I looked for Paul a few years ago, I came upon his website and was so glad to confirm he hadn’t been a figment of my imagination, and was in fact still helping people around the world.

I have always been open to myriad subjects of spirituality (I’m the great-great-grand daughter of a well-known 19th century spiritualist named Moses Hull), but I felt an entirely special and unique connection the day I met Paul Six. Last year my daughter contacted Paul directly and received and adult reading from him. I am so grateful we had spoken of him often over the years and she felt compelled to connect with him on her own.

Blessings to all who knew, met, worked with, loved and listened to this great soul. I hope to meet him again.

LeeAnn Coburn
Boulder, CO
August 27, 2012

Words of love for Paul from Pratima

I had the honour of hanging out with Paul in Bali. What an inspirational and insightful man he was. When he gave his talks he graciously let me give my short astrological talk on the future of the world, even though he could have given it himself. He encouraged me and assisted me as much as he could. I am so fond of Paul, he was a mentor and a guide to me and I am delighted to hear that he passed in such an inspirational way. Not fearing death but feeling complete
and ready to go on to his new existence.

I love you Paul, farewell.
Pratima from Bali and now living in Byron Bay
August 27, 2012

A Story From Bali

I met Paul in Bali in 2009. He told me it was time I share my experience and insight ~ to talk, or at least write a book. Others had said that before, but when Paul said it I took it sirius-ly! I spent the next 9 months like a hermit, focused on writing. My book (The Power of the Human Heart ~ A Message of Trust, Triumph and Transformation) was published in 2011.

It became a huge part of my own transformation, and that of many others. Paul wrote me, “I love your writing Amber – so clear and clean and so true.”

Paul was often in my mind in the last weeks, here in Bali. Feeling I had more to let go of in that time, I had looked within and found my gentle dad, who took his own life 23 years ago. I did a personal clearing, thanking him for being true to his feelings, for his bravery, and for his last words to me, “True love sets free.” I thanked him, and I set him free.

One phrase came through to assist this gentle process: “There is no separation.” I told no one about my day. The next morning I had an email from my partner overseas. He had written, “There is no separation.”

Apparently not!

This release left me very strengthened indeed, and those words “There is no separation” softened the blow when I heard about Paul’s passing. I am so thankful he spent his last weeks among loving friends. He is in our hearts, and in my book’s acknowledgments: “To Paul for pointing the way.”

All my love,
August 27, 2012

Hunab Ku

I met Paul in 2011 when Sher and Bruce were hosting a workshop for him in Puamana. I admit I was as bit of an astrology snob, thinking that I had surpassed the underlaying astrological theater into the upper atmosphere of Mayan Cosmology. He picked up on my snobbery immediately but treated me with honor making me feel like quite a heel. When he revealed what was obviously being channeled through his pillar of light from some otherworldly place, I was astounded and immediately contacted him for a private reading. I was being called to the UK to visit the place of my ancestors in Scotland and later England and wanted advice from him on when he felt would be a good time to go.

When we finally connected he was on a ship out in the middle of the sea somewhere and didn’t have a solid internet connection. Somehow that didn’t seem to faze him. I had decided on a full year reading so that I could prepare for the trip. I was going through some personal challenges at the time and become rather reclusive. Paul prepared the year’s forecast and sent it to me the very next day from mid-ocean and I received it into my heart. I am in my second Saturn return although Saturn herself has been in a quandry slipping from direct to retrograde and back to direct. The double whammy he called it. He calculated that it would be ‘safest’ for me to travel to Scotland after July 16th or better still July 18th when Saturn had finally pulled free. I set in my mind July 18th through August 22nd but waited to allow the world to settle in a bit.

Shortly thereafter I received a transmission from Robbyne LaPlant of White Wolf Journeys of a retreat she would be leading into England, specifically Stonehenge into the inner sanctum and the Pisces Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Merlin’s Cave and other mystical delights at the end of August. I abandoned the July 18th date and switched my mind to align with another part of his reading that would put us in Edinburgh on August 12th, the city of my great-great grandmother’s birth and what would have been my mother’s 95th birthday. In the forecast his words resounded: “If you are in Scotland at this time, this duo crosses your natal Neptune at mid-month. The fourth house is, among other things, the grave and messages from the dead…you have an abundance of forces enabling you to resonate with extremely subtle messages not available to human beings. It is almost as if your entire life as occurred in a way that would lead you to the place you are in now.”

In January, I received word that Paul would again be on Maui and would be giving another workshop. I arranged to have a private reading done on March 4th which was my 58th birthday in my home. Although the date was set, his plans changed and we moved the date up to February 29th. I felt this to be appropriate as in Jose Arguelles’ Mayan calendar, the 29th of February is known as the Hunab Ku. A day that does not exist. Sher walked him down to my door and I opened it on a very spry and active, acutely aware Paul who was timeless in his stature. We sat down to the reading on this very auspicious day as he gently teased me in that way he has about my knowing everything there is to know about astrology. His blue eyes bore into mine with a glint of humor. While I had wanted to focus on my upcoming trip he steered me instead into the long term future and my need to untangle myself from my home of 14 years and get on with the higher service I was born to. He introduced me to astro-cartogrophy and provided me with the exact location of where it was I needed to be; on the Tanzanian/Kenyan border smack in the middle of the Masai Mara. He urged me to go there after Scotland.

When he left my house that day, I watched a very vital 70 year old man disappear down the street and be swallowed by the Cosmos. A Prince was born on this day in Kenya and is named Prince Hunab.

On the morning of August 22nd, the day I would have been returning to Maui, I was instead standing inside Rosslyn Chapel on our last day in Scotland before moving south into England. A huge black cat with silky fur and white whiskers was asleep on the bench and as I stroked him he popped his rump in the air begging to be scratched. I had a stone in my pocket known as the Merlin Stone that jumped from its hiding place onto the floor clattering across the stone floor. They history and mystery of this sacred place saturated me despite the crowd around me. I was alone in a time before time. I walked outside to a monument to Blanche, the Countess of Rosslyn and noted the date inscribed on her stone. Today would be her birthday, August 22nd.

The dots were connecting at furious rate and as I was securing myself in bed I began to journey. I slipped through the portal into centuries past feeling inside the chill of the stone walls and then I heard very distinctly a male voice speaking to me in a language reserved only for cat conversations. This is when my writing stopped. Until now…

Bless your soul, dear Paul. Your wisdom lives on and now I know I have yet one more angel to guide me through this journey toward home.

Bonnie Blackmore
August 27, 2012