Your Rising Sign

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, is the entrance into the first house of your chart where all activity begins. The rising sign pertains to the entire sign while the ascendant is the exact degree that was rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.

The qualities of your rising sign determine your primary attitude toward life-it is the wellspring of your most immediate and continuous perceptions. The other houses and the planets they contain are filtered through the particular perspective the energy of the rising sign makes available for your use. In your own way, you emulate the point-of-view associated with the rising sign and this becomes a major factor in
the development of your orientation to life and in the manner in which you make your self-presentation. As life progresses, you cultivate a presence based on the point-of-view that you project into the reality of the material world. Thus, the rising sign determines how you package your internal energies; it is the manner in which you represent yourself to the world.

The entire chart traces the sequential development of your identity from a purely personal orientation (house one) to a strictly collective point of view (house twelve). As your consciousness moves around the wheel into the other departments of life experiences (the twelve astrological houses), the expectations of the first house are tested and modified through your interactions with increasingly larger numbers and less familiar groupings of people.

The Twelve Rising Signs

Aries on the cusp of the first house (Aries Rising)
From the start, I am concerned with my place, my role and every factor that pertains to me. I present myself to the world in a genuine way and generate a great deal of forcefulness. I feel I know best what course of action to take and this accounts for a general impatience with the considerations of others. Often I rush into activity while it still holds excitement for me, as I am eager to set things in motion and get results. I can easily lose heart and lose interest when the situation drags on and runs out of fuel. I am resilient, however, and bounce back with a fresh point-of-view. If it serves me, I close one door very quickly and open up another without hesitation.

Taurus on the cusp of the first house (Taurus Rising)

I have a stable outlook. Once settled into a way of life, I tend to resist any disruption in my routine. I am cautious in my approach, building up momentum gradually and steadily. Inveterate habit patterns are developed and become difficult to change although this could certainly work out to my advantage. I am dependable; I do not change my course as a rule. Nor do I wish to rock the boat, as the need for comfort and solvency takes precedence over the need for excitement. I want to present an image to the world that is solid and consistent.

Gemini on the cusp of the first house (Gemini Rising)

I am filled with intellectual curiosity and this keeps me alert to new ideas. I keep digging for facts to gain as much information about an issue as possible. I always want to know more. I am restless and need variety in my life. Simultaneous impulses, however, lead to an inconsistency in my approach to life. It is common for me to keep shifting my opinion. I like to look at the different sides of an issue rather than think there is but one road to take. When pressed to make a choice, I elect one that appears to be the most logical. My undying interest in the latest developments of the passing parade helps to keep me forever young.

Cancer on the cusp of the first house (Cancer Rising)

My outlook on life is emotionally oriented which gives me a protective attitude toward what is near and dear. A kindly and nurturing quality is often expressed toward my loved ones. With the rest of the world, I am somewhat guarded. Feelings carried over from the past have a way of revisiting me. When a personal injury is experienced, I withdraw from the offender and the damage done lingers in my memory. Home, as a sanctuary as well as a shelter, takes on an extraordinary importance in my life-much energy is placed into making it a secure haven, even though I may leave it frequently. The manner in which I project my identity runs the gamut from a timid to a strong presence, although I am more aware of the former state than of the latter.

Leo on the cusp of the first house (Leo Rising)

I am every inch an individualist with a great need to be appreciated, catered to and treated as someone special. I swell with pride in moments of triumph and look to be re-inspired when adversity spoils my original intentions. My insistence on running the show, however, can cause others to withdraw their support. I banish from my good graces anyone who slights me. Others say I have a handsome image that commands attention and that I am blessed with many talents. I make sure people find out about them. Either I play on center stage or I would prefer not to be on stage at all.

Virgo on the cusp of the first house (Virgo Rising)
I have the outlook of a perfectionist, one who has a low tolerance for carelessness or impropriety. I am discerning, discrete and selective. The tendency to be critical is generally present. I can be fussy in going over the fine points and examining every detail of my involvement in an effort to do flawless work. I continually subject my every concern to a thorough analysis. My innate sense of reserve initially subdues self-assertiveness until some of the other energies in the chart have had a chance to take over. Then, what appeared to be a modest and discriminating self-presentation may start to show its true colors, which could turn out to be something quite different.

Libra on the cusp of the first house (Libra Rising)

My outlook is contingent upon relationships; I prefer to wait and observe what direction others are taking before making up my own mind. I am usually hesitant to make the first move; I want to be invited into situations. Sensitive to friction and discord, I make an effort to be disarming and present myself in an ingratiating manner. My initial approach is to blend in with the prevailing atmosphere and maintain my composure. The conciliatory manner I adopt initially enlists the support of others who provide incentive and assist me in getting something going. I take time in reaching a decision, especially an important one because I am acutely aware of the possible repercussions. I mentally walk through each choice I have to make and consider the consequences that could result. Once I have reached an agreement, I generally adhere to it and am considerably disappointed when others do not.

Scorpio on the cusp of the first house (Scorpio Rising)
I am either intensely present or I am switched off. I build up my energy reserves during my quiet times and this allows for total involvement when challenging circumstances demand it. I have an investigative outlook and a penetrating perceptiveness that can uncover information others may be trying to keep under wraps. Although I am unlikely to initiate aggressive behavior, I can be vindictive when defending my pride or my position. I do not tolerate disrespect; when I sense that I am being assailed or patronized, I fight back. There is a tender side to my nature, however, and a strong allegiance to those that are loved. What I desire is to pull in relationships that will recharge and replenish my vital energies, opening up the space for greater satisfaction in my life. I give one hundred per cent of myself to those I care about and am deeply hurt when they do not respond in kind.

Sagittarius on the cusp of the first house (Sagittarius Rising)
I breeze through my days having faith that my life will take care of itself. My innate optimism can lead to expectations which are unwarranted by the actual circumstances, yet my high spirits help to create one opportunity after another. The buoyant, friendly attitude I project assists me in attracting advantageous circumstances. My gift of persuasion and my talent for promoting ideas makes me a natural teacher who is quick to point out the right road ahead and the quickest way to get on it. I plan my life coming from a viewpoint of what ought to be. I am developing the ability to be totally honest at all times. Intuitively I realize that the truth will free me up to explore new possibilities and this call to freedom is the song in my heart.

Capricorn on the cusp of the first house (Capricorn Rising)

I approach every part of my life with a great deal of seriousness, which supports me in overcoming hardships. I present myself in a no nonsense manner, pursuing my goals with determination while making realistic assessments of my situation. My pragmatic viewpoint is well matched to a life of achievement, as I subject myself to the necessary discipline to fulfill my ambitions. Life may have been tough for me early on; however, once the necessary dues are paid, I scale the mountain of attainment and get to stand on top.

Aquarius on the cusp of the first house (Aquarius Rising)

My outlook is marked by relative detachment. While I am willing to relate to people on their terms, I insist on maintaining my independence. I do not take kindly to others intervening in my life and invading my privacy. Progressive in my thinking, I sense that the world is not ready for some of my groundbreaking concepts and I involve myself in mundane activities, along with every one else. Though I am a free spirit, I defer to the views of the consensus. When circumstances make my viewpoints more relevant, the liberal side of my nature emerges. I am a humanitarian interested in bettering conditions by providing an unlimited supply of suggestions for the next step. I present myself as someone who is open to what others have to say; still, I never fail to stand up for my own point-of-view.

Pisces on the cusp of the first house (Pisces Rising)

I have an all-inclusive outlook–almost everything is within my grasp. I seem to wear the colors of my immediate surroundings. I blend in with whatever is happening around me. In the process, I sometimes lose my own identity. My consciousness tends to drift, however, when my circumstances fail to satisfy me. The mundane world of routine breeds discontent in me. Instead I long for experiences that are imbued with beauty and love. My outlook is susceptible to crushing disillusionment until I realize that I alone am responsible for the way I perceive the world and the place I occupy in it. Deep down inside, I know that I have both the spiritual understanding and the imaginative power to visualize reality the way I would like it to be until it becomes that way.

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