A special letter from Paul

To lovers of the magical dimension

When I came to Maui for my 70th birthday, I had the feeling that I was not going to leave, even though that wasn’t in my plans.

The day of my departure, I was taken to the emergency room, and then into intensive care at Maui Memorial Hospital where they gave me a choice. I could spend the rest of my life in intensive care with life support systems to keep me alive, or I could simply let nature take its course. I surrendered to nature and I know it is the best thing to do.

The trip was supposed to be about introducing some new ideas, because that is what I had planned in my mind. Once I got here I woke up to the truth that that was not the most important thing I could do. Everything I had held inside of me came through and took over. I could say that that could be very threatening to my security, but the truth is, I never felt more secure in my life.

What amazing process was I going through?

I image that all of us live and die with definite ideas about how our process will unfold, but what I have learned as I come to an end of this road, is that who I am is a composite of all I have done, and all I have been, and all the wonderful reflections that have shown me who I am. .  One thing I know for sure; death is nothing to fear, and it is nothing to be sorry about. I know I am going to where I belong; because that is the only place I can go.

So I feel that no matter what happens, it’s all right, because it is exactly what I came to planet Earth to experience

As a result of my health challenges I will not be continuing to put new postings on the blog. However if you want to continue to receive this information, I believe it will come to you in some way.

I want you all to know that I am in a beautiful, serene home in the forest on the north shore of Maui. I . I am surrounded by loving, caring people and that I am exactly where I need to be now.

To all who read this, I send you my love.

Paul Six

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