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Special essay: The Divine Light

The Divine Light

The stories that unfold through the life process are allegories. They are bridges
to a comprehension of something greater, something beyond our conventional
experience. Human beings argue endlessly about the facts of these stories, yet
the stories themselves are merely stepping-stones. The meaning is the
destination and the reason there is a story in the first place.

The following essay expresses the essence of Kabbalah and of the Tree of Life. It might surprise some to learn that these great works are astrologically-based. The Jewish mystics who channeled this information saw the divine, not in an anthropomorphic sense, but as the light energy transmitted from the source of all life and alive at the core of every living being.

In the Jewish faith, all human beings are considered to be equal to one another, regardless of their individual accomplishments. No human being, however, could ever be coequal with God.

If Christianity had not made Jesus coequal with God, however, then as it was
originally formulated, it would have merely been Judaism, minus all of its
sacred rituals. What made Christianity distinctive was the ascension into
divinity of Yeshua Ben Yosuf, a practicing Jew, but one who wanted to refine
his religion, raise its vibration to a higher level and communicate the ancient
teachings of his people in a gentler sounding and more loving manner. He was
the first human being who completely surrendered the ego-mind to become a pure channel for the divine light.

The letter J does not exist in the Hebrew or Aramaic Alphabet, so the name Jesus is the theological person, not the historical one.

Yeshua (which means Lamb of God) was the one who took the concept of divine light and made it personal. Ever since then, millions upon millions of grateful followers have made his person divine. It is doubtful that the historical person would have ever wanted that, for the meaning of the second commandment of his religion is that human beings are not to bow down and worship anything that lives on the earth—past, present or future.  Only God is above us and because God is above us, God is unknowable. (I am that I am.)

To place one’s faith in an invisible reality was apparently too much to ask of most human beings, who perceived their brain and what their five senses reported to them as the source of truth. What they failed to realize was that their physical faculties revealed the perception of an illusion. The illusion existed and still exists, so that human beings could learn the lessons they came here to learn in the school of life. In the true reality, there is no way to distinguish one thing from another because everything is unified and therefore nothing (no-thing) exists.

In the process of creation, nothing became something by separating itself from everything.

Yeshua, the historical Jesus, was never a Christian. It was Paul, originally named Saul of Tarsus, who is the true founder of the Christian religion. He was struck by the thunderbolt (a spiritual revelation) while riding on a donkey to Damascus and as he fell to the ground; he awakened to the divine light.

Jesus, a theological creation of the church, was baptized and experienced the heavens opening up, as God acknowledged him as his son. Yeshua, the historical Jesus, said that we are all sons and daughters of God and that every one of us has the potential to awaken the Christ consciousness in our hearts and be anointed as universal servants.

“Everything I can do,” he said, “you can do as well, only greater.”

The Divine Light Almost 1000 years ago, the mystic practitioners of the Kabbalah created The Tree of Life; a universal vision of the subtle energies that they believed directed and regulated our material reality. They illustrated how divine light emanated from Heaven and into the world. A committed examination of Kabbalah provides a map of a higher reality; it opens
up the shell that protects the sacred.

The Tree of Life is the central figure of the Kabbalah and it is astrologically based on the ten planets of our solar system and the twelve signs of the horoscope. Every living being is endowed with the energies that the celestial bodies symbolize. The qualities of these energies are communicated through the astrological language. The ministers of the church, however, purged their teachings of this knowledge and instead made one single being the holder of the light. Thus, instead of placing the responsibility of self-salvation where it belongs, in the hands of each individual, the church sought to gain power over the masses and subordinate their autonomy to the authority of organized religion.

According to the Kabbalah, the divine light that was cast upon our world was so powerful that the Earth had great difficulty containing it and the light dispersed.  The practitioners of Kabbalah sought to learn
how to transmit the light’s invisible flow of energy in a vibrant and
constructive way that would enable everyone on Earth to share in the divine

Increasing numbers of individuals on the earth have descended into a co-dependent relationship with both the church and the state, rather than personally connect with the creative living process in an act of conscious co-creation. What neither the church (nor the state) reveal is that each one of us is that one being that holds the light, which is exactly what Yeshua had realized and wanted the rest of us to realize as well.

Present everywhere is the infinite energy of light. The invisible flow of light energy travels through space on its own power.

The divine light transmits the information that eventually leads humanity to The Promised Land and to a life of purpose and meaning. Concealed beneath waves of energy, which are hidden within particles of matter, great depth of perceptiveness is the tool that can access this information.

Light is a symbol of goodness (to be in the light), wisdom (to shed light), illumination (to be filled with light) and enlightenment (to be informed and healed by light). Light connects the creation with its source and makes life on the Earth a reality. The light nurtures every particle of existence so that all that dwell on Earth can experience the unconditional love inherent in the divine creation.

The light within is the element in a human soul that the world can never take away. When ashes return to ashes and dust once again becomes dust, the inner light of the soul remains to remind us of the transitory nature of the material world and the permanent nature of divine light.

One cannot destroy the divine light by destroying the physical casing designed to contain and to channel its expression. The body can die; the energy and the consciousness are immortal. The consciousness will continue on forever and with each new casing become a purer and more self-aware affirmation of the source that created it.

The divine light is a wellspring of inspiration, supporting any experience that brings us closer to the source of our strength. There is never a need within the framework of living here on Earth to fear the light, for it supports the growth and development of every living soul. A person who stands in the center of divine light can go anywhere in the world and remain unharmed.

Paul Six October, 2011

Notes from a world-traveler

One question I get asked a lot is, “Of all the places you have visited, which ones are your favourites?” Of course, there are many. Here is a list of some that come immediately to mind.

Scotland: I feel at home there. Sometimes events gets all stirred up and feisty tempers boil over but that is all part of the fun of hanging out with the clans. It’s a colourful country with some of the most magical places on Earth-the highland villages, the islands of Iona and Staffa, Findhorn, and the great city of Edinburgh.

Hawaii: One cannot exaggerate its beauty nor breathe air so clean. The climate is usually perfect, as long as the trade winds come in from the sea and the spirit of aloha that emanates from the locals comes straight from the heart.

Santa Fe: It is the oldest capital in North America; it has its own look and its own style, which is one reason it calls itself, “The City Different.” In the high and dry mountain air the intense light inspires the many artists that live there while the healers and astrologers like this place because the veils are thinner. New Mexico is called ‘The Land of Enchantment’ and the core of that enchantment is right here in Santa Fe.

Bali: Though it can sometimes feel like being in a steam-bath, until you switch on the air-con, this island is so special in so many ways that it transcends any sources of irritation. The Balinese people have much to teach about living graciously and the beauty spots of their world are beyond comparison to anyplace else. Bali is an amazing experience in instant manifestation where you can prove to yourself that thoughts are indeed things.

Japan: No other place comes even close to being like Japan. No outsiders went there until the middle of the Nineteenth Century and the Japanese developed a homogenous society so tightly knit together that the population can communicate to one another without words. Kyoto is the jewel in the crown with its treasures hidden beyond walls–walls that contained the former imperial capital for one thousand years. If you go, go in April when the cherry blossoms bloom–start in the South early in the month and work your way up to the top via some of the fastest trains in the world.

California: Probably no food exists that cannot be grown here so even if the economy plummets, there are fertile, elevated regions away from the coast where future communities can spring up and flourish. Meanwhile there is still a fabulous offering of places: LA and Hollywood, the Desert Communities, Santa Barbara, the Monterrey Peninsula, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Wine Country of the Napa Valley. This state may have known better days yet it is still a wonder that apparently refuses to accept limits even in the most of challenging of times.

Norway: Most folks stay away unless they are on a cruise through the magnificent fjords because it is cold here more than it is anything else and it is incredibly expensive with one of the highest standards of living on the planet. The government believes it exists to serve the people, although the people may not always think they are being served. Norwegians pay high taxes yet it is a small price to pay. They are blessed to be born in this haven. The population consists of many very attractive and intelligent yet modest people who are happy to speak English and who speak it fluently. These Nordic folk dwell within a safe and sound society and are both authentic and idealistic in just the right proportion. It is not easy to get to know them as they protect themselves from superficial relationships, yet once you break the ice, you realize how worthwhile it was to have made the effort. I am always glad to be in Norway.

There are many other wonderful places I always enjoy visiting–Vancouver, BC and much of Western Canada, Alaska, Australia, Tuscany in Italy, the beaches of Thailand, St. John in the Virgin Islands, Mallorca, Spain and the Algarve in Southern Portugal.

The Fifth and the Eleventh House

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make … The Beatles

After your consciousness has become familiar with the basic elements of material existence, through the processes represented by the first four houses of the astrological chart: 1) having a body and a point of view 2) gaining material stability 3) learning what we need to know to survive 4) developing a conditioned personality through home and family life – you are then prepared to experience the fifth house and express who you are.

In house five, your personality, calls attention to the qualities within you that convey a special character that is unlike anyone else in the world. Taking pride in your talents, you seek out the ways and means of amplifying your self-esteem.

When your consciousness enters the Fifth House, you want all eyes to be on you, as you bathe in the glow of an admiring audience. Of course, the audience admires you because you are radiating heart energy and giving freely of the love that emanates from your heart center. In house five though, you are not so aware of the people watching you, that does not occur until you move into the Seventh House. Instead, you are self-aware. In that space of consciousness, your interest is in your performance and just how bright you can shine. Every soul has to go through the fifth house experience, for you can not transcend personal ego until you first have an ego to transcend.

In the Eleventh House, the complementary opposite to the Fifth, you are amazingly aware of the other people in your space. In fact you take them into consideration as much as you do yourself. What matters to you in this space of consciousness is being part of something greater-a group, a team, a circle of friends, a network where the aim is to achieve equal footing with peers. You come to realize through the Eleventh House department of experience that being a part of the group as a whole and contributing toward its collective success brings you happiness and a sense of personal significance just as much or more, as when you are standing on center stage and showing off your special gifts.

In The Eleventh House, you learn that the real power to make changes in the world comes out of a group effort – a group composed of a diversified company of individuals who have bonded together through the sharing of a common aim. Individuals in the group may have a divergence of opinions, yet at least one issue has landed them all on the same page.

There is more than safety in numbers; there is substance. An idea that one single person transmits (through house five experiences) gains weight and power and captures the minds of an assemblage (through The Eleventh House) who then adopt the notion and make it their own.

Of course, a group is expressing a kind of egotism too, as each member beats its own drum while keeping pace with a collective drumbeat. Only because it is a shared experience, it appears to be more altruistic. What is actually occurring is that the group’s ego is making a difference that the individuals involved were not able to accomplish on their own. The downside is that as the group members forfeit some of their personal preferences in exchange for accessing collective force. Individuality is sacrificed perhaps to a greater extent than is healthy. It may work out fine when this occurs in order to bring about social progress in one particular area. It is far less wholesome for any person to continue embracing a group identity while abandoning personal standards.

As with all the houses, the experiences available through the Fifth and the Eleventh are meant to be kept in balance, so that the amount of love given (house five) is kept on an even keel with the amount of love received (house eleven.)

A repolarisation is taking place on Planet Earth. The Eastern Hemisphere is destined to follow in the footsteps of the Western world and focus more on the development of personal identity, while the West is destined to usher in a cycle of existence, where the greater good is placed above personal considerations. This, in turn, will help to maintain the equilibrium of our global society. New forms of creativity emerging in the East and new humanitarian concepts originating from the West can demonstrate in unprecedented ways that people can get along with one another. The Fifth and the Eleventh houses in unison have the potential to clearly demonstrate that developing confidence in yourself (house five) enables you to open up to a life rich in human contact (house eleven) and gives rise to a wealth of experience and a subsequent growth in consciousness. In this way, the human race becomes more aware of both their personal as well as their collective identity.

Once the general population reaches a consensus and transforms an approach to life where money, power and egotism have been the ultimate values, war will no longer be profitable, peace will no longer be considered boring and harmony among all nations will at last become a definite possibility. Then it will become much clearer that Spirit is the driving force of life and that the Self is both the foundation and the zenith of creation.

Paul Six November 8, 2009 At Desa Seni – an eco village resort in Canggu, Bali