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A special letter from Paul

To lovers of the magical dimension

When I came to Maui for my 70th birthday, I had the feeling that I was not going to leave, even though that wasn’t in my plans.

The day of my departure, I was taken to the emergency room, and then into intensive care at Maui Memorial Hospital where they gave me a choice. I could spend the rest of my life in intensive care with life support systems to keep me alive, or I could simply let nature take its course. I surrendered to nature and I know it is the best thing to do.

The trip was supposed to be about introducing some new ideas, because that is what I had planned in my mind. Once I got here I woke up to the truth that that was not the most important thing I could do. Everything I had held inside of me came through and took over. I could say that that could be very threatening to my security, but the truth is, I never felt more secure in my life.

What amazing process was I going through?

I image that all of us live and die with definite ideas about how our process will unfold, but what I have learned as I come to an end of this road, is that who I am is a composite of all I have done, and all I have been, and all the wonderful reflections that have shown me who I am. .  One thing I know for sure; death is nothing to fear, and it is nothing to be sorry about. I know I am going to where I belong; because that is the only place I can go.

So I feel that no matter what happens, it’s all right, because it is exactly what I came to planet Earth to experience

As a result of my health challenges I will not be continuing to put new postings on the blog. However if you want to continue to receive this information, I believe it will come to you in some way.

I want you all to know that I am in a beautiful, serene home in the forest on the north shore of Maui. I . I am surrounded by loving, caring people and that I am exactly where I need to be now.

To all who read this, I send you my love.

Paul Six

Astrology and Reincarnation

Astrology and Reincarnation

Millions of human beings around the world believe that they have lived other lives in the past and that they will continue to live other lives in the future. In other words, they believe they will never really die.

This belief reminds me of the last line in the classic film, “Lost Horizon”, in which one of the film’s characters was asked if he believed in a place called Shangra La, where people lived long, healthy lives and never grew old. His reply was that he did believe in it because he wanted to believe in it.

Human beings are essentially energy systems. As energy is indestructible, so is the essence of a human being and of all living things. Taking this concept into consideration, the argument for reincarnation is not whether or not something of our lives survives our physical existence. Instead, it is a question of whether or not the part of us that is indestructible and does continue on can be understood in a personal context. In other words, does any part of our personality transmigrate into another body? Or is it universal consciousness, the spark of divine light that continues, imprinted with memories of the past that may be derived from many lifetimes and many different personalities.

The original concept of reincarnation was developed through the religions of the East, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions put forth the concept of the soul, a universal rather than a personal entity. The soul could be comprehended as a record of many life experiences, a composite consciousness composed of eternal energy and information that continues on and gains wisdom while living upon the Earth in a physical vehicle.

A record of life experiences! A composite consciousness of eternal energy and information! These are the elements of our nature that survive our mortal existence.

Although the original concept of a supreme deity in the western world was beyond the personal, western religious leaders eventually were able to persuade millions and millions of individuals that God was there for them in a personal way because God, itself, became a personality. Now a more modern approach in the west as well as in the eastern world is to view God as a process–a creative, living, evolutionary development in which the light of the universe expresses itself in every conceivable way.

The misunderstanding about reincarnation and the inclination to make it a personal experience is similar to the misunderstanding many people have about astrology. If we today use our current state of mind with its available frame of reference and apply our three-dimensional perception upon a reality of cosmic proportions, we wind up indulging our egocentricity. In believing that our individual personality, which was formed by a story that each of us was temporarily born into, has the capacity to enter different earth suits and play out different scenarios over a period of centuries, we are making our personal story as big and important as the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. The universal light that was granted to us to serve the universe on a particular mission becomes something we believe we can own forever and that it belongs only to each of us and us alone.

If instead we could view ourselves as the universal light itself, rather than as a singular being perpetuating a sense of separateness, then we would be the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. We could then connect our sense of identity to the creative source that brought all celestial bodies into manifestation. While we would be inaccurate in stating that we personally lived other lives, we would be perfectly correct in stating that other lives from the past are now living through us and that we are all links in the great chain of humanity.

Reincarnation in a personal sense makes no sense. If every person that ever lived on the earth (a number estimated at over 100 billion) continued to return over and over again, each time taking on a different form, can you imagine how many more people there would be here than there already are?

Reincarnation is a truth; however, the process cannot be individualized. Perhaps those who cling to the idea of living other lives, past and future, are in some way divinely discontented with the present one and feel cheated out of a quality of happiness that they perceive others have more than they. Perhaps they have a sense of inner power that they cannot channel successfully into a structure that the world currently accepts.

Then there are those who come to earth and while in their childhood, vividly remember other lives in details, specifics that can be verified. There are those who in their adult years undergo a past life regression and see images that spell out such specifics. Just because an individual contains the memory of past existences, however, does not mean that he or she lived them out at another time. For the soul contains memories of many personalities and lifetimes and this is obvious to anyone who realizes how truly interconnected the entire human race is.

It then becomes a choice on our part to decide if we are going to continue to fortify our sense of separation and continue to make reincarnation a personal ego trip.

The Jewish people fortified a sense of separation from the rest of humanity and six million were exterminated in the Holocaust. The Japanese people fortified a sense of separation and they remain up to now the only nation that has ever been atom bombed.

The universe is aiming for unity. There is unity in heaven and the divine intention is to mirror that heavenly state by bringing the human race into a communalized focus. Yes, we are far away from materializing the divine intention because we are still working things out at present.

Instead of complaining about the current state of affairs, we would get closer to heaven if we observed without judgment, accepted what was previously unacceptable and then moved on to see past the veils of illusion into the real reasons things are the way they are.

Out of all the many countries in the world that I have visited on my journey through life, the ones that are the most peaceful and the most prosperous are the countries where people have a modest approach to life. The inhabitants of these countries are not boastful. Their behavior enables others to perceive the value they carry without shamelessly needing to push their agenda. The citizens of these countries are highly aware of personal boundaries and do not normally attempt to take up so much space that their actions have the effect of diminishing the other people around them. So it would be most helpful for every one of us to arrive at a collective understanding that who we are now and what we are doing in this lifetime is what counts. All the rest is either fear-based belief or wishful thinking.

The universe spoke to the ancient astrologers thousands of years ago and revealed some of its secrets to them because they were pure of heart. It does not speak to most of us today, as it did then, because our minds have been educated to be left-brain oriented and skeptical of anything that is not immediately obvious. This is why many people can only see the source of life as a person, made in their own image. This is why they can only view reincarnation as a personal experience for to them what other experience is there?  Why would they want to embrace a philosophy that puts their personal story in its proper perspective, where it is only meaningful in its relationship to everything else? Perhaps many of us do not yet realize that in each of our lives, parameters must be drawn as a counterbalance to personal expansion so that all that grows inside us can be crystallized to serve the greater good. Paul Six June 9th, 2012

December 21, 2012–is it the end or is it a new beginning?

December 21, 2012—is it the end or is it a new beginning?

It may never have occurred to the Mayan Indians that after thousands of years passed, the human population on Planet Earth would be still making such a fuss over their ancient prophecies. The Mayans saw December 21st of this year as the end of a particular era and the start of a new cycle of existence. They did not look upon it as doomsday the way some of us do today.

Recently someone remarked that the only people destined to experience the end of the world on December 21st of this year are those who are going to die on that day. Everyone else will still be here and so will the world.

Astrologers, however, might point to Pluto, the dwarf planet with a power punch second to none in the astrological system, as it continues to make its passage through the Capricorn sky until January of 2024 when it then enters the sign of Aquarius.

Capricorn is the sign of organization and the material power structure. Is not Pluto, also known as Hades, a symbol of transformation, a euphemism for some sort of death? Do some astrologers foresee the demise of the world’s current order, collapsing under its own weight through the vain attempts of the chain of command to consolidate as much power and control as it can under its auspices?

Very possibly!

More ominous signs in the sky bring up more questions. What about the highly stressful relationship taking place right now in the cosmos between Pluto and Uranus—an exact 90 degree ‘right angle’ connection known as the square aspect—the most challenging relationship that can exist between two planets and the energies they symbolize.

Pluto represents change at any cost while Uranus represents freedom. Will there be a revolution? Perhaps it will be a quiet one where individuals seek a brave new world and pull away from the system currently in place, simply refusing to support it any longer. Are there enough of these rugged individualists to create critical mass in establishing a substantial reality that can endure against all odds?

What about Neptune in Pisces forming the same stressful right angle relationship to Jupiter, as the latter planet enters Gemini on June 11, 2012? Will we see the worst of Neptune before we get the best a full year later when it forms a beautifully harmonious grand trine relationship to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer—the water element trinity. What is the worst that Neptune has to offer and more importantly, what is the best?

Neptune is a symbol of energy that is so inspiring to experience that it stirs us to see if we can break free from the limitations of material reality.

How can we do this?

As we live in a world of duality where opposites define one another (day-night, male-female); if to see is to believe, it stands to reason that to believe is to see. In other words, if you are going to gain access to a reality never before known to you; you first would need to accept it as a possibility or else, due to skepticism, you would dismiss that reality’s existence altogether. You would be stuck in a limited vision that has been programmed into your mind and that leaves no room for anything outside of the program. The worst of Neptune may be responsible for the fear some people are holding on to toward embracing new information that challenges what they have been led to believe. It basically comes down to this; they are afraid of being deceived.

Fear attracts, however. Those among us who dwell in a cage of fear are more vulnerable to deception than those who remain open and accepting. Neptune in Pisces encourages that openness and invites individuals to move into a space of acceptance.

A mountain peak can be covered with snow; however, the snow is not the mountain. In letting go of resistance, the blinders come off of our eyes and we see what lies beneath; we see the content, not the cover.

Neptune is the principle of dissolution, peeling away the veils and then bringing things to a close. As the mythological lord of the sea, its action may call an end to a cycle through crisis connected with water. The seas of the world rise and flood the land. Land falls off into the sea while new land surfaces from the depths; land that carries a higher vibration and that could only be inhabited by those who function at an elevated frequency.

If much of this sounds foreboding; it does not have to work out that way for you. You merely have to let go. Letting go means being receptive until the most positive thoughts come to inspire you and from there acting upon them, even though it was never a part of any previous program that you followed. It is those among us who trust the process enough to download what comes through in each moment that will be guided to go where the light is. The light leads us to a place where we can connect with a new source of energy and information that is purely concerned with the spiritual evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants and is beyond the forces of human coercion.

Each of us can choose the path of acceptance and surrender—the best that Neptune has to offer. Each of us can incorporate the spiritual essence of life by working in co-creation with the creative living process through a direct link to the divine source. Then the end of this year will not be something to fear; instead it will be the dawning of a new era that materializes as the long awaited answer to our prayers.

 Paul Six June 2, 2012