December 21, 2012–is it the end or is it a new beginning?

December 21, 2012—is it the end or is it a new beginning?

It may never have occurred to the Mayan Indians that after thousands of years passed, the human population on Planet Earth would be still making such a fuss over their ancient prophecies. The Mayans saw December 21st of this year as the end of a particular era and the start of a new cycle of existence. They did not look upon it as doomsday the way some of us do today.

Recently someone remarked that the only people destined to experience the end of the world on December 21st of this year are those who are going to die on that day. Everyone else will still be here and so will the world.

Astrologers, however, might point to Pluto, the dwarf planet with a power punch second to none in the astrological system, as it continues to make its passage through the Capricorn sky until January of 2024 when it then enters the sign of Aquarius.

Capricorn is the sign of organization and the material power structure. Is not Pluto, also known as Hades, a symbol of transformation, a euphemism for some sort of death? Do some astrologers foresee the demise of the world’s current order, collapsing under its own weight through the vain attempts of the chain of command to consolidate as much power and control as it can under its auspices?

Very possibly!

More ominous signs in the sky bring up more questions. What about the highly stressful relationship taking place right now in the cosmos between Pluto and Uranus—an exact 90 degree ‘right angle’ connection known as the square aspect—the most challenging relationship that can exist between two planets and the energies they symbolize.

Pluto represents change at any cost while Uranus represents freedom. Will there be a revolution? Perhaps it will be a quiet one where individuals seek a brave new world and pull away from the system currently in place, simply refusing to support it any longer. Are there enough of these rugged individualists to create critical mass in establishing a substantial reality that can endure against all odds?

What about Neptune in Pisces forming the same stressful right angle relationship to Jupiter, as the latter planet enters Gemini on June 11, 2012? Will we see the worst of Neptune before we get the best a full year later when it forms a beautifully harmonious grand trine relationship to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer—the water element trinity. What is the worst that Neptune has to offer and more importantly, what is the best?

Neptune is a symbol of energy that is so inspiring to experience that it stirs us to see if we can break free from the limitations of material reality.

How can we do this?

As we live in a world of duality where opposites define one another (day-night, male-female); if to see is to believe, it stands to reason that to believe is to see. In other words, if you are going to gain access to a reality never before known to you; you first would need to accept it as a possibility or else, due to skepticism, you would dismiss that reality’s existence altogether. You would be stuck in a limited vision that has been programmed into your mind and that leaves no room for anything outside of the program. The worst of Neptune may be responsible for the fear some people are holding on to toward embracing new information that challenges what they have been led to believe. It basically comes down to this; they are afraid of being deceived.

Fear attracts, however. Those among us who dwell in a cage of fear are more vulnerable to deception than those who remain open and accepting. Neptune in Pisces encourages that openness and invites individuals to move into a space of acceptance.

A mountain peak can be covered with snow; however, the snow is not the mountain. In letting go of resistance, the blinders come off of our eyes and we see what lies beneath; we see the content, not the cover.

Neptune is the principle of dissolution, peeling away the veils and then bringing things to a close. As the mythological lord of the sea, its action may call an end to a cycle through crisis connected with water. The seas of the world rise and flood the land. Land falls off into the sea while new land surfaces from the depths; land that carries a higher vibration and that could only be inhabited by those who function at an elevated frequency.

If much of this sounds foreboding; it does not have to work out that way for you. You merely have to let go. Letting go means being receptive until the most positive thoughts come to inspire you and from there acting upon them, even though it was never a part of any previous program that you followed. It is those among us who trust the process enough to download what comes through in each moment that will be guided to go where the light is. The light leads us to a place where we can connect with a new source of energy and information that is purely concerned with the spiritual evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants and is beyond the forces of human coercion.

Each of us can choose the path of acceptance and surrender—the best that Neptune has to offer. Each of us can incorporate the spiritual essence of life by working in co-creation with the creative living process through a direct link to the divine source. Then the end of this year will not be something to fear; instead it will be the dawning of a new era that materializes as the long awaited answer to our prayers.

 Paul Six June 2, 2012

The Story of the Four Tribes


Since time began, many human beings have embraced a concept that there is a single unifying force that connects all living things and provides access to all of the cosmic energies within an inter-connected cosmos. Many people, however, have chosen to ignore these gifts of the universe. They have refused to see how they could intentionally use cosmic forces to change their lives for the better. Some have gone so far as to say that these powers do not even exist.

One by one and over a long period of time, three prophets have come forth to change the minds of the people. Each of them revealed that they actually heard the voice of the one and only God.

The first tribe

The voice the first prophet heard came out of burning bush that was not consumed by the fire that set it ablaze. This voice commanded the first prophet to liberate his people from their enslavement to a mighty empire. He told his tribe that if they lived a spiritually disciplined life, they would finally enjoy a life of freedom.

The prophet had a purpose. His intention was to persuade his followers that their lives were not subject to the dictates of a pre-ordained mandate, as they had previously believed.

The alternative concept the first prophet brought forth was that life operated as an ethical continuum, where the thoughts, words and actions of each living person in the present would determine their quality of life in the future. While this belief became the foundation of the tribe’s religion, the members of the tribe did not understand that the experience they were currently undergoing was exactly what would contribute the most toward their advancement. They kept asking why it was that if God loved them, were they often being mistreated in the world?

The prophet of this tribe attempted to convey to the tribe members that no matter what happens, by accepting each experience and remaining in a loving space, continual growth can occur and progress can be made. Alas! The message fell on deaf ears. Remaining in a loving space meant they would have to take responsibility for their feelings and for their behavior. They would have to cease judging and blaming others. Most of the tribe members cringed with fear at that prospect and shut down. Instead, they connected with the forces within the material power structure. Their religion grew denser and it became filled with ritualistic exercises that alienated those who were not indoctrinated and that led to separation from the rest of the world.

 The second tribe

The collective spirit of the people grew listless. They felt that their one hope was that a deliverer would rise up and single-handedly free them from their oppressive circumstances. Someone else would emerge to save them from their own weaknesses.

The invisible and impersonal God in the sky offered little solace—what many of them began asking for was a human being with godlike powers who cared about them personally. The tribe members were not yet prepared to grasp the truth that they were their own saviors. So, out of a feeling of frustration, some of the members of the first tribe gravitated toward a second prophet who also claimed to have a pipeline to the infinite. When this new prophet came forth, humanity’s spiritual frame of reference had evolved to a place where more people than ever before could receive further illumination.

The spiritual hunger that continued to spread among the lands gave the second prophet fertile ground for his mission. He drew in the multitudes and shared his great wisdom with them. In addition to transmitting beautiful and comforting messages, he performed miraculous acts of healing. He painted a picture for all who chose to see—a picture of a glorious heaven, and he promised a life in paradise to anyone who replaced their bitter feelings with love and compassion. He told his audiences never to judge and always to forgive. The second prophet was so open to hearing the voice of the Divine that his followers decided to turn God’s job over to him and then ride on his coattails into a higher state of consciousness.

As soon as his followers started seeing him as being co-equal with God, the second prophet was faced with a conundrum. He had remained essentially loyal to the teachings of the first prophet, simply elevating them and making them more ideal. He did not wish to destroy his present faith nor would he want to violate any of the ten laws, which served as the sacred foundation of his religion. One of these laws asserted that human beings were not to make material images of God or bow down to anything of the earth. How then could the prophet accept others bowing down to him?

The true message of the second prophet was that human beings are meant to channel God’s unconditional love into the world. When they heard the second prophet speak of how the power of love and devotion to God leads to ascension to a higher level of consciousness, his followers believed he was referring to a place that existed somewhere else.

What the second prophet was actually saying must have gone over their heads. He meant for them to hear that the place he called heaven had to exist inside them first before it could be experienced as an external reality.

Seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all will be added unto you.

Those who continued to follow the teachings of the first prophet exclusively could not identify with the second prophet’s concept of heaven, which they saw as a place where nothing ever happens. They were not comfortable with the idea of exchanging what they could hold in their hands for a belief that had a non-discernible basis. While the prophet of the second tribe seemed to want to transform flesh into God, tribe one remained staunchly committed to having God endure in the flesh.

The first tribe clung to the world of matter because it gave them a sense of control. They did not deny that an afterlife existed; they simply believed it was beyond their understanding. Besides, there was enough to do simply surviving in the here and now instead of spending their time and energy speculating about the hereafter.

The concept of life as an ethical continuum, by its very nature, suggested that what is given to life is received in kind. It was this point that was misconstrued by the first tribe. They refused to see that an individual’s experience of life is an extension of the love, or the lack of it that the person holds in their heart. That is why a second prophet had to come into being.

Paying lip service to the teachings of their prophet, the second tribe argued that his message of peace and love was the ideal way to live one’s life. Their actions obviously contradicted the idealistic philosophy they claimed to embrace. Consequently, the members of the second tribe were often burdened with a sense of guilt.  This sadly diminished the quality of their everyday experience.

The reason that many of the members of the second tribe could not carry out the teachings of their prophet is that while they claimed to revere him, they actually feared him. No wonder—he was a radical subversive, a man who lived a life of voluntary poverty and who, because he challenged the status quo, had many enemies. To follow his words might cause one to land in similar circumstances and few of the tribe members would want that to happen.

The third tribe

Six centuries passed and a third prophet emerged with a message that included the wisdom of the previous tribes while taking their teachings one step further. This prophet told of a God who could be proven through ordinary means. To attain the exalted state of God realization, the third prophet asked of his followers that they forego the pleasures of the flesh and live an austere life, humbly submitting their body and their souls to the will of a demanding deity. The third prophet promised that in return they would enter a paradisiacal world once their obligation to serve the earth was completed. In willingly sacrificing earthly delights in order to reach the paradise beyond, the third tribe would prove that their God was the real one.

Some members of the third tribe demonstrated that, rather than live in a world that often seemed godless; they wanted to go to paradise immediately. If it were done in the name of their God, they would give up their lives on earth. They came to believe that no act could be more powerful than this in opening up the gate to heaven, even if it were done by blowing themselves up in order to kill  some of their enemies. What they proved was that believing one has nothing to lose is still another kind of power.

The fourth tribe

Finally, as more light dawned upon the world, a fourth concept of God emerged and the seeds of a fourth tribe were planted in the earth’s soil. No prophet was introduced this time, as each member of the fourth tribe had no need to be told. God was now understood as a creative, omnipresent living process, one that supported the evolution of every life form on earth. Human consciousness had expanded sufficiently and no longer viewed the creative source of life as an anthropomorphic extension of itself. No longer would the magnificent and vast intelligence of the universe be diminished by ascribing human qualities to that which is Divine. Instead, human beings began opening up to incorporate the spiritual essence of life and working in co-creation with this essence in a space of gratitude and reverence. God was now acknowledged to be inside them, walking and talking through them. The source of all life had finally materialized on earth in everybody and not just in one body, becoming apparent in the hearts and minds of all, who instead of choosing to suffer, choose to be strong.

Celestial Events assisting us in 2012

Celestial Events assisting us in 2012

Saturn transits through the Scorpio Sky (Saturn in Scorpio–210-239 degrees on the ecliptic) From October 5,2012 until December 23,
2014 and then back again on June 16, 2015 until September 19, 2015.

What does not destroy me makes me stronger—Fredrich

Scorpio consciousness seeks deep merging with others yet when Saturn enters the Scorpio Sky, fears arise that one can be overpowered by others. The lesson to be learned is that the divine light shines in all living things and nothing ‘out there’ is more powerful than what is within. When this awareness is
cultivated, one can feel safe in the company of any outside presence.

Individuals with the sign of Scorpio strongly emphasized in their chart (Sun, Moon, rising placements or many planets in Scorpio) are fascinated by the dark side of life—the unknown and mysterious elements hidden from view in the everyday world. Once an experience captures their interest, these individuals cannot leave it alone until they have investigated the matter totally, all the way to
the core. When Saturn is involved, however, the investigator may grow fearful
of plunging beyond its depths and evoking forces that are a real challenge to

On a larger scale, Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes a fear pervading society that the world is spinning out of control. As financial resources are drained, as productivity and prosperity decline and crime and rebellion go on the upswing, no amount of reasoning can placate the sense of dread that permeates mass consciousness–a fear that any day now, the dam is going to burst. As a result, it becomes imperative that austerity measures are put in place to bring to a halt the
ongoing tide of political and economic errors weakening the foundations of the
social order. As Scorpio represents the stage of the zodiac where consciousness
goes beyond previous limits, Saturn’s passage through that sign gives rise to
intense concern that extreme measures could be and perhaps must be taken to
avoid apocalyptic chaos.

Consider the steps the Nazis took to restore Germany back to its former glory in the aftermath of war and economic depression, which left that country in a state of devastation.

Western astrology was developed in the Northern Hemisphere. In its origins, it
corresponded with the changes in the natural world over the course of a year,
beginning with the year’s natural starting point, the spring equinox. Scorpio,
the eighth sign of the zodiac, is the sign that symbolizes the death process,
as its energy comes into play at a time when Nature is sinking into a state of
decay. There is still the promise of new life and new growth that the death
process is making room for and it is Nature’s pledge of renewal that enables
life to endure throughout the cold, stark reality that follows, when the
outside world seems to stand still in a state of perpetual postponement. The
underlying principle that allows us to understand the meaning of the death
process is that while something of value has expired, the value is not lost. It
will merge with forces of Nature that bring it back to life in an empowered
state that is able to overcome what previously challenged its very existence. This
is what is known as the process of regeneration, whereby energy that seems to
have perished from the earth is transformed into what it now needs to be, so
that the same circumstances that previously appeared to pose a threat will no
longer stand in the way.

This is the promise of Saturn’s passage through Scorpio. Whatever diminishes the power of life to grow and to thrive will be shattered and out of the ashes will re-emerge the truth of what was destined from the start. No longer scarred and diminished by flaws and limitations, by impotency and helplessness, Saturn’s passage through Scorpio heralds a time when those who ride its waves discover that their strength comes from the inner light that will shine forever, as long as they keep moving with the changing times.

Jupiter transits through the Gemini Sky (Jupiter in Gemini —60-89 degrees on the ecliptic) From June 11, 2012 until June 26, 2013

Do I contradict myself? Very well,
then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes
—Walt Whitman

To provide balance to the intense energy of Saturn in Scorpio, we can all thank heaven for Jupiter’s passage through Gemini, offering us some breathing space when the emotional climate grows murky and the human shadow appears to be holding sway over our daily lives.

The Gemini principle represents a light-hearted approach to life. Prone to losing its focus more than any other sign, the diffusive, quick-on-the-draw and
multifaceted consciousness of Gemini wants to keep the cosmic flow moving
forward—here, there and everywhere, stimulated by this, and then that and then followed by the other thing. No two moments are the same for Gemini is bored with sameness.

As Jupiter transits through the Gemini sky, look forward to an outpouring of information so fast and furious that merely keeping up with the flow is certain to become an all-consuming experience.

The Gemini principle can be appropriately symbolized as an eternal student who loves to create alternatives– interested in knowing about everything and just as quick to lose interest and search for the next bit of knowledge to embrace. Gemini thrives on change, so in the second half of 2012, anticipate changes at work, changes in the form relationships take, changes in the social and economic
systems and fueling it all—changes in attitude.

Thomas P. Neill said of the author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, in a book entitled, “Makers of the Modern Mind” –“Whatever he was, and he was almost everything, he was also just the opposite.” Dostoevsky had the placement of the Moon in Gemini.

Not so much an originator, as an adapter, Gemini develops variations derived from an original prototype that keeps an activity fresh and sustains its amusement value. It is almost impossible to pin down the consciousness of Gemini, for it is clever and quick enough to discover an immediate escape route once the momentum grinds to a halt and the mood becomes serious and heavy-handed.

Jupiter is expansive, spiritual and philosophical in nature. While Mercury, Venus and Mars are relatively close to the Earth, Jupiter is much further away. Gemini wants to bring Jupiter’s far-reaching, big picture perspective into an everyday context, perhaps with a series of catch phrases that will make the
extraordinary ordinary, so that everyone can be on the same page, regardless of
how lofty a concept may have been at its inception.

Playing the Jupiter in Gemini game masterfully could be compared to being a champ at the game of trivial pursuit. In having stored a plethora of facts about the popular culture, one may lead others into thinking how smart you are, yet is it not true that for intelligence to be meaningful, it requires some measure of depth and substance? True intelligence possesses the capacity for creative and
original thinking with the ability to think abstractly while mentally cutting
through any obstacle in order to resolve a potentially problematic issue.

Normally, Geminis might prefer to evade unpleasant news. Perhaps this time around, Jupiter will expand the powers of Gemini so that the general population will take in information that blasts them out of their comfort zone, as it supports them in facing the facts. For despite having a highly geared nervous system that gives rise to a fragile constitution, it is the fact of the matter that Gemini seeks,
which is not a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ reality but simply the current physical
condition of what is happening in the moment.

Paul Six
December 22, 2011